Optimizing your LinkedIn profile for job search

Optimizing your LinkedIn profile for job search

In today’s competitive job market, optimizing your LinkedIn profile is very important. Also, using a proper LinkedIn profile can help you to secure your dream job since most organizations advertise job openings on the platform. Yet, most employees have poorly organized LinkedIn profiles which doesn’t help in their job search. Therefore, this article discusses how to optimize your LinkedIn profile to increase your job search success.

Optimizing your LinkedIn profile

There are major key components of a good LinkedIn profile, some of these elements are discussed below.

i. Profile Picture

Your profile picture is the first thing that potential employers see on LinkedIn, hence use a professional picture. Dress well and formally according to the industry or field you have an interest in. Also, show a nice smile on your face to indicate how friendly and approachable you are. Make sure your picture shows you understand the formality required in your field of interest. Never be casual, unless your field requires that. For example, if you are an electrical engineer, you can use a picture where you are fixing an electrical fault. For a Manager, you can use a picture where you are formally dressed in well ironed suit and tie in a well structured office. Understand your field and let your profile picture speak to potential employers about that.

ii. Headline

The headline on LinkedIn follows right under your name. Use a headline that describes you in detail. Let the headline reflect your field of work and industry experience. Examples of good LinkedIn headlines are; Experienced Civil Engineer (Structures), Geologist with over 7 years’ experience in Core logging, Data Analyst with over 5 years  experience in SQL and data analytics etc. This makes it easy to be noticed by potential recruiters. Also anytime employees search online with certain experience your profile will show.

iii. Professional Summary 

Similarly to what is on your resume, you need to write a professional summary about yourself. This must include your skills, qualities, and experiences. In addition, include your career objectives and future aspirations. Moreover, use relevant keywords related to your industry to make your profile more visible to employers. This will increase your ability to be easily identified when potential employees are looking for people with some skill set and experiences. Keep this professional and brief, only include relevant information which can speak to the minds of your employers.

iv. Education and Certifications

Just as you will with a professional resume, indicate your educational background in reverse chronological order. Also indicate relevant certificates and courses taken during you career and professional development. Include the filed of Study, course relevant to the job you want you can add the class of degree especially if you had a good class. Additionally, adding certifications, will increase your chances of being employed, since it tells your employers how committed you are to develop yourself and keeping updated with new advances in your filed. Also, certain companies look for people who have received their education in certain institutions. Moreover, it will help in building your professional networks, since LinkedIn will suggest people who you are affiliated to your institution of study.

v. Highlight experience

Your LinkedIn profile is a mini resume where recruiters get information about you. Just as you will with your resume, list experiences in reverse chronological order. Also, include responsibilities, and accomplishments both current and past. It is important to write only information relevant to your target jobs. You can write for example, how you help your company to achieve sales target, how you help to reduce waste by implementing certain strategies, how you helped a company to generate more money etc.

vi. Skills and endorsements

Highlight your core competencies and skills, list skills that are relevant to your field and the job you want. Furthermore, let supervisors, colleagues, and mentors endorse your skills. This will make you more credible and be considered an authority in the field. Employers look for certain skills in their potential employees, include them in your LinkedIn profile. Also, the more people endorse you, it showcase to the employer that you poses such skills which increase your credibility and authority in the filed.

vii. Seek Recommendations

Seek recommendations from supervisors, mentors, and clients whom you have or are currently working with. When your clients can attest to your professional and personal attributes it increases your credibility on the job market. Let people attest to your capabilities, the more recommendations you have from credible authorities in your field you become reliable to your potential employers. This will let your employers see the value in working with you and increase you job search success.


An optimized LinkedIn profile is very relevant in today’s job market. A lot of elements that need optimization have been described in this article. Invest time and effort in developing a good LinkedIn profile using the strategies described above to increase the success rate of your job search.


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