Samples of emails to professors

Samples of emails to professors

Samples of emails to professors. In my previous article, how to send a cold email to a professor, I discussed the importance of this step. Also, I explained why it should be done especially if you are applying for research programs. Nonetheless, with this guide, people may still  find it difficult to write such emails therefore in this article, I will write sample emails that will serve as a guide to make the process less difficult and more understandable.

Samples of emails to professors

Sample 1

Subject: Prospective Research Student

Dear Prof Sums,

I hope this email finds you in a good state. My name is David Simon, a graduate with first-class Honours in Civil Engineering from X University. I have published an article on “Assessment of Water Quality in North Plain Basin” and very passionate about pursuing a PhD in your laboratory under your supervision.

I have read some of your publications. My attention was captured by your article on the “Water Resources Potential in the Southeast Basin”. In this article, I was thrilled by how you use Geographic Information System (GIS), Remote Sensing Techniques, and Computer Programming to estimate the water resources in the basin. Also, you proposed to investigate the water quality in the basin for drinking and irrigation uses in future studies. Therefore, with my experience at X University, at Prof Joe’s lab, I have gained an understanding of how to measure the Physicochemical and Biological Parameters in estimating water quality. In addition, my programming skills will also be valuable in this research.

I am very happy to work with you on this research and other ones which align with my interests. Also, I am available to discuss potential research possibilities and answer any questions. Moreover, I am willing to provide any further information to assess my suitability in your lab. Also, attached to this email are my CV and transcript for your use. Kindly contact me at Thank you for your time and consideration to read my email.

Sample 2

Subject: Potential PhD Candidate

Dear Prof Xiu Shu,

I hope this email finds you well. My name is Jin Shi, a graduate with an MSc in Economics from X University and a BSc in Economics from Y University. Moreover, I have a publication on the topic “The relationship between economic growth and unemployment in Ghana”. Also, I will be very much grateful to conduct research in your area of expertise in Macroeconomics.

I am thrilled by the insight in your article “Impact of government expenditure on economic growth in Yemen”. I am captured by how the study uses ‘Auto-Regressive Distributed Lag’ (ARDL) to assess the short-range and long-term effects of the dimensions on economic growth. In addition, how your research indicated that Government Expenditure (GE), personal consumption expenditure, and public debt are significant negative predictors of Yemen’s economic progress in the long run. I am very much interested in carrying out this research and improving upon it as you suggested in the recommendations of your article.

Thank you for the time to attend to my email. I am looking forward to being contacted at to discuss possible PhD research opportunities. Kindly find attached to this email my CV and transcripts.


This article has given 2 samples of emails to potential professors for a possible PhD in their research groups. These examples should guide you in addition to what you already know. Writing good emails to professors is very important and the skill must be developed especially for people who want to pursue research in their graduate studies.




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