Crafting the Perfect Resume

Crafting the Perfect Resume

Due to the increase in the number of job applicants, crafting the perfect resume is very essential in securing jobs. It is very important to have a nice resume since it is usually the first way hiring managers get to know their potential employees. However, a lot of job applicants don’t know what is required to craft the perfect resume. This article discusses the essentials to consider when writing a resume for a job application.

Crafting the Perfect Resume

In crafting the crafting the perfect resume you need to consider the following.

  • Customize your resume for the position

Carefully read the job description and draft the resume accordingly. Always highlight important qualifications, skills, experience, and achievements indicated inside the job description that you possess. This will make your resume stand out and increase your chance of being selected for the job.

  • Use good Formatting style 

The number of applicants for a job is usually many, and because of this a lot of hiring managers do not waste much time on applications. Hiring managers are more likely to select applicants who have a visually appealing resume. To improve upon the readability of your resume, use the same font style and well-organized headings and subheadings. In addition to this, always use a professional template format.

  • Highlight your accomplishments

A lot of job applicants make the mistake of listing job responsibilities when crafting their resume. To improve upon the quality of your resume, always highlight what you achieved during work. Use measurable and quantifiable results. For example instead of writing “I was in charge of helping the company meet sales target”, you can write “As a sales manager, I helped the company exceed its sales target by 25%. This tells your employer what you can do when given the role and helps you stand out among other applicants.

  • Mention relevant skills

Mention relevant skills (soft and hard skills) and use keywords from the job description since most companies use the Applicants Tracking System (ATS) to scan resumes electronically. Also, show how you have used the skills to achieve work aims over the years. This will increase the chance of your resume being selected. A lot of companies look out for good communication skills, effective time management, and leadership abilities, always make sure to include them in your resume.

  • Provide a professional summary or objective statement

Include a professional summary or objective statement which should follow right after your contact details. This is a short paragraph that highlights your qualifications, relevant skills, and accomplishments. In addition, this section should explain your career goals. Always write it using words and ideas from the job description. Including this portion will make your resume stand out and easily noticeable.


Crafting the perfect resume is very essential in the job application process and hence a lot of time and consideration must be given to it. Always customize the resume to the job you are applying for, highlight important skills and accomplishments, and use a well-formatted resume to increase your chance of selection.

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