Answering scholarship interview questions

Answering scholarship interview questions

Answering scholarship interview questions very well will contribute to the overall chance of being awarded the scholarship. However, most people find it difficult to answer such questions during scholarship interviews. This article will look at 2 questions that will always be asked during scholarship interviews and how to answer them very well.

Some scholarship interview questions

The following questions will always be asked in scholarship interviews. Therefore it is  very important to know how to answer them when preparing for scholarship interviews. The questions are discussed below.

  • Tell us about yourself

Usually, the first question after introduction is tell us about yourself. This question is very tricky and most people fumble in answering. To answer such a question, mention your full name, and follow with a brief background of your academic and professional qualifications. State relevant skills that will contribute to the mission and vision of the scholarship. Highlight on leadership and initiative skills you possess and how they contribute to your future goals. In answering the question be specific, and concise, and always avoid giving information that is not required. An example of a structured response is provided below.

My name is John Simons, I hold a bachelor’s degree in Civil Engineering from XYZ University. Over the years I have worked very hard to increase my understanding of civil engineering, particularly in the field of water resources and hydrology. Through internships and my undergraduate thesis, I have developed numerical modeling and programming skills which are required for this scholarship. Also, I have taken up positions that have helped hone my leadership skills. Furthermore, this scholarship requires candidates to develop novel methods to mitigate water and environmental pollution which aligns with my career goals.

  • What are your academic and career goals?

In answering the question, state your academic goals, short-term and long-term career goals, and how the scholarship will help you achieve them. Always be straightforward with your response and avoid long responses. A structured response is given below.

My academic and career goals are motivated by my desire to contribute to the field of Hydrology and water resources. My academic goal is to excel in my chosen field by having a good GPA and performing well in all relevant coursework and assignments. Similarly, I want to conduct good research and publish in high-ranking journals. My short-term career goal is to graduate and take up a research position where I can contribute significantly to my chosen field. In the long term, I aspire to be a researcher and a consultant advising mainly on water and environmental pollution.


The best way to answer any scholarship interview question is to practice. Practice your response many times before the main interview. This will give you the necessary confidence and prevent you from making mistakes.

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