Using scholarship search engines effectively


Using scholarship search engines effectively is the number one step to unlocking opportunities. However, most people don’t know how to navigate such platforms. This article discusses how to use these platforms to get the best results.

What is a scholarship search engine?

A scholarship search engine is a platform that has a database of various scholarships available to potential students. The platform organizes the scholarship into different categories. Some categories may be need-based, merit-based, scholarship-based on extracurricular activities, demographic background, specific field of interest, or professional associations. Well, notable platforms include;, college board, Fastweb, going merry,, cappex, and scholarshipowl.

Benefits of using scholarship search engines

These platforms provide a lot of benefits for their uses. Some of these are discussed below.

  • Centralized database

Most of these platforms provide a centralized database of scholarships available, due to this, it is easier to navigate the platform. Also, students save a lot of time when they use such platforms.

  • Customized matches

A lot of scholarship search engines use complex algorithms to provide students with the best match. Most platforms will require you to input certain features about your qualifications, skills, interests, or extracurricular activities. Because of this, it is easier to match you with scholarships that best fit the information provided.

  • Regular updates

Scholarship search engines provide regular updates to students which makes it easier to get access to new scholarship opportunities every day. Due to this, students save valuable time when they use such platforms and always have updated information on emerging scholarships.

How to effectively use scholarship search engines

Scholarship search engines are a gold mine if you can use them effectively. The benefits of such platforms cannot be overlooked. However, a few people maximize the usage of such platforms. How to effectively use such platforms is discussed below.

  • Create an account

The first step is to create an account with the platform. Provide basic information about your academic background, financial need, demographic background, skills, and interests. With this information, it is easier for the platform to suggest scholarships that will be beneficial to you..

  • Make use of advanced filters

Most scholarship search engines provide advanced filters which help you to tailor your search. Take advantage of such filters to identify opportunities which you fit very well. It can help you save a lot of time.

  • Subscribe to emails and newsletters

Once you create an account on the platform and use filters, you can subscribe to new opportunities in which you may be interested. The email alerts allow you to see all new opportunities as and when they emerge on the platform. This will prevent missing important updates on scholarship opportunities available to you.

  • Review and apply

Once you see scholarship opportunities that match your interest, review and apply. Review the scholarship requirements, and criteria for selection and apply immediately once you qualify. What to consider in the application process is discussed in getting fully funded programs.

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