Researching a company before your job interview

Researching a company before your job interview

Researching a company before your job interview is very crucial because having adequate information about your future company tells your employer how enthusiastic you are to work with them and your genuine interest in the company. This can give you an upper hand over your competitors. In addition, gathering relevant information about the company you want to work with will help in your interview preparation since this can let you prepare potential questions you may be asked and what you will ask during your interview.

Although researching a company before the job interview is important, many job applicants find it very difficult to gather relevant information about the company that they wish to work with.  This may be because most applicants don’t know where to search and how to search for the information they need about the company. Therefore, this article will discuss the strategies to carry out good research about the company you are interviewing with.

Things to consider when researching a company before your job interview

Things to consider when researching a company before your job interview include.

1. Visit company website

Your primary source to get relevant information about any company is the company’s website. Most companies have an “about us” page, this is where you can get information about the company’s vision, mission, and core values. In addition, you can get information on the products and services offered and locations of various branches of the company. Some company even go to the extent of indicating their short, medium and long term goals.

Furthermore, most companies advertise job openings on the “career page” section of their website. Therefore, visit the career page and read about other job openings, this will educate you more on the company’s key responsibilities, company ethics, culture, and what they look out for in their employees. Moreover, most big companies have financial reports on their website. Read such reports of the company since you don’t want to get stacked with a financially unstable company. Also, information on company leadership can be found on their website. With this, you can get to know who will interview you and dig out more information about the person. The company’s website has a sea of relevant information which the job seeker can maximise to their benefit hence make good use of it.

2. Visit the Company’s social media page

In addition to the website, you need to check on the company’s social media pages. This includes Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and X (formerly known as Twitter). Information on the company’s social media is what the company wants people outside to know about them. It is similar to the website and has very relevant information which may be beneficial in your interview. The company’s social media pages will also give you information about employees in the company, which you can utilise.

3. Talk to Employees and build network with them

Network with employees whether current or old since they know a lot about the company you are interviewing with. You can get information about the company which is not known in the public domain from employees. This can give you information on who will interview you and possibly the kind of interview questions to expect. In addition, building networks with current employees will make it easier for you to work in the company when you are employed.

4. Make use of LinkedIn

According to LinkedIn, there are over 700 million users worldwide, and over 65 million companies use their platform to connect their products and services to consumers, competitors, and potential employees. Check the LinkedIn page of the company and get to know more about the company and its employees. Moreover, visit the LinkedIn profiles of current and past employee of the company to see their work experience, this can give you a good understanding of the company.


The importance of gathering relevant information about a company before your job interview cannot be overlooked. This article has discussed strategies to consider and information to look out for when researching a company before your job interview. These include visiting the company website, company social media pages, and utilizing LinkedIn. Apply them in your job pursuits to increase your job search success.

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